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What We Do

What We Do

Strategic Universal Solutions team strongly believe in providing you with solutions that deliver exceptional return on investment (ROI).

We think from your perspective and help you harness the true potential of your business. We offers a wide variety of services that can help you to take the full advantage of the Internet. Our wide range of solutions can improve the way that you interact with your customers, partners and employees.

Furthermore, we specialise in building complex web-applications for clients who require custom-built websites and applications to take better advantage of the technology & resources.

Below are some of the things we do:

Website design & development

  • Elegant, fresh, Eye-catching designs
  • Clean HTML codes
  • W3C validated pages
  • Web Content Accessibility Guideline Compliance (WCAG)
  • Cascading Style Sheets (CSS2 & CSS3)
  • Search Engine Friendly websites & nearly whatever you require

  • Content Management Systems (CMS)

  • Strategic Universal Solutions uses many powerful Content Management Systems (CMS) from its highly flexible proprietary Strategic Solutions CMS to open source CMS such as Joomla, WordPress and Drupal.

  • Shopping carts & e-Commerce

  • From basic to highly advanced shopping carts
  • Fully featured and well automated systems
  • Highly user friendly and customisable
  • Continuously engage customers
  • User friendly and really easy to use
  • Customisable based on consumer / target market & many related features

  • Online Membership Management System

  • Fully integrated system
  • Full Membership Management System
  • Content segregation based on membership type

  • Online Payments & Renewals via member login

  • Auto-reminders for expiring memberships
  • Integrated eBook Store & many related features

  • Events Booking System

  • Events Calendar with member and non-member specific events
  • Events inventory management
  • Events booking and payments
  • Events Reports (Attendees, Revenue etc) & many related features

  • e-Newsletter Delivery System

  • Fully integrated without the need of duplication of data (such as events, articles etc)
  • Highly user friendly with pre-set design templates, requires minimal or no knowledge of design
  • Categories subscribers into States, Categories, Subcategories etc & many related features

  • Multi-store shopping cart

  • Centrally managed, fully custom-built shopping cart for multiple stores
  • Change entire look & feel from one panel
  • Integrated with internal accounting systems, other databases and systems
  • Retail / Wholesale / Multi-tier pricing & many such features

  • Search Engine Optimisation & Marketing

  • Search Engine Optimisation
  • Search Engine Marketing
  • Social Media Optimisation
  • ROI management

  • Windows Mobile / iPhone / iPad applications

  • Survey Management Software
  • Surveyor specific Calendars
  • Roster management
  • Holidays management
  • Microsoft tested & approved

  • Customised Ordering systems

  • Many types of custom built online ordering systems, quote builders, cost-estimators, invoice payment solutions and more.

  • Database integrations

  • We have hands-on experience with many types of database integration

  • Custom-built web & mobile applications

  • Complicated points calculation systems with multi-lingual content management system to sophisticated intranet applications; chances are that the feature you may be looking for your application, we have already built it in part or full for another application.

  • Grow your business by creating your own unique and effective web-application with Strategic Solutions. Do more, increase efficiency, streamline business processes and take maximum advantage of the internet today. Strategic Universal Solutions has in-depth understanding and experience to create and deploy an effective web-application. So, call now or email us to find out how we can make your life easy.



    strategic solutions testimonies
    strategic solutions testimonies