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Creating Mobile APP Or Game Within A Week And Making Massive Income With No Programming Skills.

In recent years, the mobile app development has been booming and the app market has exploded. Infact, mobile app is the next internet generation. With this development, lots of businesses out there are yet to have app for the purpose of digital marketing which has grown drastically.


So this is a BIG opportunity for developers to tap into. Developers can create apps or games and sell them on PlayStore or AppStore to earn great income. They can also develop apps for businesses or their promotions to help them expose their products or services to millions of people around the world. And this will attract more potential customers to their products or services for their sales improvement to be achieved.


If you have ever thought of how to create mobile APPs or games for yourself or organization with no programming skill, well worry no more and be informed that you have come to the right place that provides great course on app development.

Our app course helps you get tuned with the correct approach needed to create great apps and games. It gives all the neccessary skills and knowledge on not only how to develop but also how to sell the games and apps. I highly recommend this course to anybody who does not want to miss the boat with the booming mobile development.


These guys are selling simple apps like crazy! Are you in?


  • Six Billion Apps Downloaded From Apple's Appstore currently
  • Android phones are also selling fast nowadays which gives rooms for big opportunity
  • Over 250 million i-gadgets sold ( I mean iphones, ipods and ipads in total)
  • For every 1 paid app there are 12 free downloaded apps which, beteew, you can use as well for generating a revenue with list building and showing ads
  • There are over 750,000 approved apps in the apple store
  • Top apps/games are averaging $10,000 per DAY from downloads
  • Apple sold 5 million iPhones 5 over a particular weekend!
  • Apple App store generates $5.4M/day for the 200 top-grossing apps.


  • How to open a developer’s account on app store or play store
  • The required tools to develop app
  • Types of apps to create to include business, lifestyle, games, free and paid
  • Mobile advertising platforms
  • How to find out what type of app Sells Fast, so you can Copy Their Success!
  • How to sell your app successfully and get on top of apps store sales.
  • Platforms to develop your apps with no programming skills

Have you heard of iFart? Well the person who created it did not know anything about programming or App development at all. They just had the funny idea and took action to make it real. And now he is averaging about $10,000 per day from this kiddy simple application!! Just think about it! How’s that possible? That is huge!

I guess you heard about Flappy Bird, a legendary addictive game that became so popular the developer even had to pull it off the App Store. He was averaging $50,000 per day in sales!


You just have to take action and waste no time. Now it’s your time to develop your great game or App and get it on top of the PlayStore or App store to generate massive revenue.

My advice for you is this; immediately after learning this course, you should start creating your first app or game. I can’t wait to see your first App being created by you, to hear your success stories, and I can’t wait to hear how you create the game of your dream and made a ton of money with it, like other developers are already doing.



Venue: 25B, Sunmola Street, Mende - Maryland, Lagos.

Date: 3 Saturdays

Time: 10am - 1pm

Fee: #20,000

Also included; FREE training Materials.

For registration/seat reservation: Send your name and phone number to 0803 418 9160


Our trainings also come with FREE mentorship that would ensure we follow up with how you will be doing, just after we train you.


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strategic solutions testimonies